Portable Network Graphics

Portable network graphics is a format for graphics and digital photography that supports compression without loss of data. It is an improved form of GIF format as it was challenging to access GIF format due to copyright issues.

PNG is a non-patented format; that is why it is easy to access and use. PNG is ideal for digital art like making brand logos, icons, and flat images. PNG uses 24-bit colour as a foundation which means that it can support a wide range of colour categories.

The use of a 24-bit color foundation can make digital art more realistic and attractive. Due to the use of primary pixels PNG design format for internet usage, like transferring images to sites, not for professional-quality graphics. PNG format is used in drawings, illustrations, and comics, charts, logos, and blueprints.

How to use PNG?

To convert any file into PNG format, many websites provide free conversion software. This website named image online offers a free program that can transform your pictures and files into any form.

To compress images or files, the first user has to select the source file and then upload it on any format-changing website or open it in the Microsoft paint program. Then afterward, the user has to choose the desired format in which the user wants to convert his file from JPEG to PNG.

Then after the conversion of the file or image in the desired format, the user has to save the altered file from the website by clicking on the “save ” option, and then the user can see and use that file for many purposes like linking it with CV, uploading it on other websites.

Benefits of PNG format

One of the biggest pros of PNG format is that during compression of a file. Then no data gets lost, and when the file is decompressed, all the information can be restored. That is why this format is used widely to compress digital art.

Due to the 24- bit colour usage, colours can be made transparent. Their opacity can also be controlled, giving a better visualization effect to the images because of the controlled degree of transparency. Images can also be saved using true colours as well as in palette.

PNG format is an evolved shape of GIF format that is why it develops images faster than GIF. Moreover, personalized settings of images are also possible due to gamma correction. As it allows tuning of image’s brightness as required by display manufacturers.


Even though PNG is a handy format, especially for digital art and drawings, its main drawback is a bigger file size because, in this format, data is not lost but compressed, which is why the file size tends to be more significant.

PNG is not ideal for professional use as the colour foundation is not that good because it does not support non- RGB colour spaces. Digital cameras cannot use PNG as it does not help metadata.

Another drawback is that it does not support animation and can only work on static images, due to which it is losing popularity in the world of modern graphics.

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