How To Create Professional Video Ads That Actually Convert

Video ads are the most prominent marketing tool in today’s world. Probably that’s why almost 34% of the marketing experts have witnessed a boost in the conversion rate with video ads. But creating professional videos ads is an art to learn. 

So, if you are looking to create engaging professional video ads with higher conversion rates, keep the following points in mind.

Tips for creating high conversion ads:-

Mark a powerful start

The beginning of your video ad defines whether the audience will stay or skip your ad. So you need to have an intriguing start to hook the audience to your product. There are numerous ways to start your video and connect with your audience like you can ask a question or say a statement or any other way. But regardless of the approach, you should plan your beginning as per your target audience and the purpose of your video ads.

For example, if your video ad is for a baby’s stomach aches medicine, you need to understand that target audience. It can be parents, medical agencies, distributors, doctors, and others. So, you have to plan your initial seconds accordingly.

Plan your video

Plan your entire video ad. Decide the flow, pattern, characters, and how things will go. In other words, you need to create an excellent storyboard to ensure the accuracy of your video ad. A storyboard is a set of images that reflect the progress of your video. It helps you create videos smoothly and efficiently while working on a video ad maker. Ideally, a video ad should begin with an engaging part and ends with a call to action. 

  • Solve problems

Highlight the problem your target audience is facing and how your brand has a solution for it. 

  • Script

You can’t make random video ads stating anything and everything at once. Therefore, you need a well-designed script with all essentials before you get started with your ads. Unless the ad is not relevant for the audience, they won’t even wait for a second to listen to you. 

  • Creativity

It would help if you thought out of the box to get the high conversion. For example, define your brand style and tone, and promote your product and services to your target audience. 

Simplicity is the key

It’s always the simplest things that sway the heart of the viewers. So, your ads need not reflect multiple ideas at once. Also, you should not overwhelm your audience with lots of information and provide them with enough information. Therefore, you should focus on highlighting the USPs of your brand. Then, inform and explain to viewers what makes you best in the market and how your product and services differ from everyone through a simple idea.

Video Ad Maker is a must

Using a professional video ad maker for your advertisement is a must. Therefore, always use high-quality videos and shots in the video. Always choose 480p or any higher resolution to convey the message. But if you shoot the video yourself, ensure adequate lighting in the video. Moreover, add subtitles and captions to the video ads. These are not only convenient but also help specially-abled persons to understand your ad clearly.

To add depth and intensity to the video ad, you can use a soundtrack. But make sure you choose the track that complements the ad by considering the storyline, the theme, characters, scene’s intensity, etc. Even using basic transitions in your video ad can help in engaging your target audience.

Calls to action can’t be missed

A call to action must be included at the end of your video ad, either in the form of graphics or text. You should channelize the viewers to the next step, and adding CTAs can get your work done. 

Common calls to action include visiting a website for more information, purchasing products and services, signing up, etc. Thus, it will ultimately increase your conversion rates since the primary goal of an advertisement is to motivate the viewers to take some action. 

Choose the type of video ad 

There are different types of video ads, and every type fulfills a different purpose. Some of the common types of video ads include:

  • In stream ads 

These are promotional videos displayed during, before, or after the video content.

  • Non-linear ads 

These ads play simultaneously with the main video.

  • Rewarded ads 

These ads offer perks and incentives for watching them.

  • Shoppable video ads

These video ads encourage the audience to buy the product in the advertisement.

  • Native video

These are branded messages integrated into existing content.

  • Native autoplay ads

These ads are played at the end of the content.

While some ads may be better for brand awareness, some of them may provide extensive reach and better leads. So choose your type of video ad carefully based on your marketing objective.

Testing is mandatory

For higher conversion, your work doesn’t end with advertisement. Instead, it begins with that. After all, constant testing and monitoring of results are necessary. Therefore, you need to keep track of the performance of each video ad specifically. 

Moreover, you can experiment with different channels and time slots for your advertisement to achieve better results. Finally, you can use tools like Google machine learning or even opt for manual adjustments. Thus, the primary goal is to find the best performance of an advertisement under different circumstances.

Audience needs are the core focus

You can prioritize audience needs for higher conversions by adopting critical evaluation. A personalized video ad reflects the right targeting and makes the audience feel valued, eventually stimulating viewers to take action, resulting in better conversion rates. 


A video with a high conversion rate is undoubtedly an exclusive concept and appealing quality. Though creating video ads with ensured conversions may appear like a complicated task. However, with an accurate strategy, you can make it a reality. Therefore, you need to take all the right actions to create a strong impact with your video. 

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