Showcase the Memory of a Special Person With Cremation Jewelry 

As a lasting tribute to those we have lost, cremation jewelry has become an increasingly popular way to honor and remember our loved ones. Whether it’s a necklace, bracelet, or ring, cremation jewelry is an elegant and timeless way to keep the memories of those we love close to our hearts. But what is cremation jewelry exactly? And why is it such a meaningful symbol of remembrance? Let’s take a look! 

What is Cremation Jewelry? 

Cremation jewelry—sometimes referred to as memorial jewelry—is any type of jewelry that incorporates the ashes of a deceased person. The ashes can be added as either a solid piece or as loose “ashes stones” which are made from the cremated remains. Most pieces are usually made out of metal, glass, or other materials that can be crafted into beautiful designs. For example, necklaces can be designed with the ashes set in silver, gold, brass, bronze, titanium and many other metals while bracelets are often crafted with beads made from glass or stone infused with ashes. Each piece is carefully crafted by hand and can incorporate multiple elements including birthstones and engravings for personalization. 

The Meaning Behind Cremation Jewelry 

Cremation jewelry serves as an eternal reminder of the special bond you shared with your loved one. It allows you to keep them close at all times no matter where life takes you. This type of memorial jewelry also lets you express yourself in unique ways through design and customization options that reflect your relationship with the person who passed away. By wearing this type of jewelry every day you can pay tribute to their memory in a beautiful way without saying a word. 

Choosing Cremation Jewelry 

When selecting cremation jewelry it’s important to consider your lifestyle so that you choose something comfortable and practical enough for everyday wear. If you lead an active lifestyle then lightweight materials like aluminum or stainless steel might be best suited for your needs while if you work in an office environment then heavier pieces like gold or silver might make more sense. Additionally it’s important to consider how much space will be needed for storing ashes; some pieces may require multiple teaspoons worth while others only need a pinch so this should factor into your decision-making process when deciding on which item would be best for you and your family. 

                         Conclusion: Cremation jewelry offers mourners an elegant way to remember their loved ones long after they have passed away. Whether it’s in the form of a necklace, bracelet or ring these pieces provide comfort by allowing us to keep those we love close at all times while also providing us with something tangible that we can use to express ourselves creatively through its design and customization options available today. Ultimately choosing cremation jewelry comes down to personal preference but if done right it will no doubt serve as solace during times when words cannot adequately express our grief over the loss of someone special in our lives.

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