Death Note Season 2: When Will It Be Published? And Each and Everything We Know So Far

Death Note was adapted from a Manga series of the same name, discovered by Tsugumi Ohba in 2003. The manga series is represented by Takeshi Obata. The series has a worldwide fan base, and the sequel is requested from ages by fans. The authors of the show were asked many times to start the production of the sequel, but no information was published from the makers still. The anime is a story about Light Yagami, a high school student who has the power to murder any person whose name is written in the strange notebook. Death Note continued to be one of the most famous anime ever following its release, even 14 years later.

Released Date 

Although there is a hope that ‘Death Note’ Season 2 will soon be announced on anicloud because there are speculation that another part of this manga series is ready to be released. And that is where the creators will get the plotline for the second instalment. We just desire that they do not ignore the second part of this novel and modify it to an anime series.

Live action and Death Note Season 2

The manga is not reestablished as an anime series but also is produced as an anime. The manga has had three Japanese live action movies published in both 2006 and 2008 and a television drama in 2015. It even launched a franchise with a miniseries named Death Note: The next generation. Also the fourth movie with a fresh set of characters.     

What to Predict from Death Note Season 2 plot if ever made? 

The story is about a high school boy Light Yagami, who has the power to kill any person. Light Yagami discovers a magical notebook called Death Note. He wants to change the world into an ideal society.

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