What are the Recommended Types of Shoes to Wear in Land-based Casinos?

If you usually gamble online but you’ve decided you want the experience of going to a land-based casino, you may not know much about what to wear. A dress code exists at casinos for many reasons. Casinos want to create a glitzy atmosphere so gamblers can experience a special evening out. The attire of patrons contributes to the experience. Today’s casinos are more relaxed and accessible to everyone, but dress codes still remain.

What type of footwear should men wear?

If you want to play gambling games at online casinos like Parx, there’s nothing to stop you from wearing slippers or flip-flops. Attending a land-based casino is different. Some casinos expect you to wear formal attire. Many of them will accept smart-casual attire. This means you won’t get away with wearing sandals or flip-flops. 

Wearing stylish leather shoes or loafers is your best bet. If you find these too restrictive and you don’t have shoes like this, you may just get away with wearing white or black sneakers. Ratty, old sneakers won’t do – they must be clean and in good condition. You are more likely to get away with wearing sneakers during the day at a casino than at night. 

What type of footwear should women wear?

Women have a choice between wearing heels or flats. The idea that they have to wear high heels is not the case. Flats are popular because they’re more comfortable and better for walking around in and standing. With so many types of flats available to women today, they can be a stylish, fashionable option. 

Women may try wearing lug-soled loafers to casinos. They were a big trend in 2022. These loafers continue to be seen in fashion trends in 2023 and are often paired with minis. They are a stylish option, and yet they are also comfortable. You may regret wearing stilettos after drinking a few cocktails, and a twisted ankle is likely to ruin your casino experience.

Try to strike a balance between comfort and style

If you are intent on winning at casino games, you don’t want anything to distract your attention. Aching feet can disturb your focus, especially when you have to stand for some time. It is not worth wearing footwear that isn’t comfortable for the sake of style when going to a casino. On the other hand, sandals and flip-flops may be comfortable but steer clear of them, or you won’t be admitted. 

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