Bestselling authors that can make a bookworm’s day

With so much literature out there in the world and with so many writers emerging in the writing scene very frequently, an average bookworm ends up in a dilemma and confuses themselves with what to go ahead with. You may be looking for a book just to finish the day off comfortably, or you may need a book for your lazy yet productive weekends or you may be looking for a good read for your short or long travels and with so many books and authors out there, it may get slightly difficult to choose the right one that suits your tastes.

However, we make the job easier for you as we bring you a short yet concise list of bestselling authors that have managed to shake up the reading space all over the globe with their exceptional writing that compels you to push yourself into their magnificent and humongous imaginary world or words. Now, sit back and relax as we take you through some of the best authors on and you can go through their works and the genres they write about so that you can make a quick decision about what your next read will be.

C.G. Lewis

There is something distinct about Lewis’ writing and that may be his passion for creating a world in his books that takes his readers a million miles away or it may be the intriguing ideas that he realizes into words quite skilfully. Lewis quickly climbed on to the bestselling authors list after he published his book, Muck World, which is a compelling book written for young adults that explores a dystopian world.

Tomi Hall

She is a retired teacher who quickly adapted to her role as an author to write one of the finest children’s books available on Hall used her experience as a graphic artist to publish her work, the Pablito Bandito series. The Pablito Bandito series is based on the adventures of a lovable chihuahua who is seen leading a group of puppers and solving some not-so-serious crimes in the series till now. Hall made her way to the bestselling authors list with this amazing chihuahua.

Don Barlow

Barlow is an exceptional author who has published several self-help books that have changed the lives of thousands of his readers and that is precisely why he’s one of the bestselling authors at The Codependency Recovery Blueprint stands out as his best work yet.

Matt Phillips

Phillips has a flair for writing exceptional crime stories and each of his books are set in a noir world that is just the icing on the cake. If you are a die-hard fan of crime writing then you can go for any of Phillips’ works including Countdown, The Bad Kind of Lucky and The Rule of Thirds. What got Phillips a place in the bestselling authors list was his compelling writing in To Bring My Shadow.

Charissa Stastny

Stastny has a flair for contemporary writing and her massive readerbase is just a vital proof for that. In the beginning of her career as a writer, Stastny focussed on romantic reads, but she has grown as a writer since and she has been foraying into multiple genres including suspense, mystery and much more.

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