How to Get Top-Quality CBD Oil Tincture

Some reliable sources have gathered that cannabidiol in the form of tinctures and oil is the most sought-after CBD products. Consumers from all walks of life and even age-grades seek to get these products because of the several benefits attached to using them.

Depending on things such as the product manufacturer and cannabidiol strain, CBD at large has a lot to offer users. It can be used to ease anxiety, relieve and treat pain and inflammation, regain and enhance focus, amongst other things.

Little wonder the number of consumers keeps increasing. Be that as it may, consumers need to be cautious when getting their CBD products. This is because of those brands that do not work in the best interest of consumers.

These are brands that are simply taking undue advantage of the FDA’s light regulation of the cannabidiol industry. In the bid to help out, this article will shed light on picking the right CBD tincture product in the market.

This will not mention any brand or product to avoid any form of bias. However, the yardsticks mentioned in the points here will prove very helpful in making the right decision. This is why we advise that you pay keen attention even as you follow through to the end.

Yardsticks for Choosing the Right CBD Tincture Product


The following tips are guaranteed to help you identify and get the right CBD tincture product in the market:

3rd Party Tested by a Reputable Lab

There is a huge difference between what is obtainable with regular over-the-counter drugs and CBD drugs. This is mostly due to the FDA’s insufficient involvement in the cannabidiol industry. The reason for this is the current status of CBD products as experimental drugs.

Well, this does not mean buying and using cannabidiol products is a terrible idea. Many people are even glad that they used these drugs.

However, you need to make sure your chosen product is good in all regards. You should make sure the product is tested and approved by a 3rd party lab that is reputable.

Speaking of a reputable lab, the laboratory should be ISO 17025 compliant at the very least. This is to make sure they are not biased in their analysis and up to the task.

Hemp Grown in an Ideal Location

Just so you know CBD brands that are well known for their premium quality products are known to have one thing in common. This has to do with getting their industrial hemp from select sources.

This is because the industrial hemp used determines the quality of the product to a very large extent. We strongly advise that you buy a CBD tincture made with hemp grown on US soil. This is so that you are certain the hemp was grown the right way.

And even at that, some places are known to be better producers of industrial hemp than other places. Places such as Oregon, Colorado, Kentucky, California, Florida, New York, Wisconsin, Montana, Tennessee, and North Carolina are some of the places well known in this regard. For more on this subject, you can check here.

The need to avoid unsafe growing techniques is another reason you should be interested in this point. You should know that some hemp farmers have been discovered to use toxic things such as pesticides, residual solvents, molds, and even heavy chemicals. This is dangerous and products made out of such are not safe for use.

Ideal Amount of THC Compound

It is quite irritating to think that pharmaceutical brands would lie about the information that they put up. We have seen some of them give misleading information about how natural or organic their products are.

This simply means that “seeing is believing” in the cannabidiol industry. As a result, you need to cross-check facts and figures before you take them seriously. Speaking of giving misleading information, some brands lie about the amount of THC contained in their product.

You should cross-check their statement by checking their COA (Certificate of Analysis). You are advised to stay away from brands that do not have this proof. This is especially when dealing with full-spectrum CBD tinctures.

The ideal measure of THC in any cannabidiol product (if THC is used) should not exceed 0.3 percent. This is the federal benchmark and is in your best interest. Anything beyond this can trigger the psychoactive effects that THC is known for.

Ideal Ingredients

Cannabidiol is the primary ingredient in CBD tinctures. This means that other ingredients are used as well. As a result, they should be nothing short of ideal ingredients.

Preservative and unsafe synthetic ingredients should be avoided by the ideal product. Making sure of this is in the best interest of consumers.

Impressive Brand Reputation

Make sure you are buying a product from a brand that is reputable. There are several ways to make sure of this and they include:

Checking Customer Reviews

The review by customers on trusted platforms says a lot about the company. This is why you should not buy a product until you have seen reviews.

You should also know that there are trusted review platforms that are very organized about analyzing CBD companies. The BBB (Better Business Bureau) and TrustPilot are high up on this list of such platforms.

Health Claims

You should make sure the claims by the company are not inappropriate. They should be supported with facts and figures.

Interaction with the FDA and Regulatory Bodies

The industry is insufficiently regulated by the FDA as explained earlier. But even at that, this regulatory body and a few others do their little in keeping companies in check. Well, you should deal with a brand that does not have a questionable history with the FDA.

On a Final Note

The covid-19 pandemic affected the growth of the cannabidiol industry in certain ways. Some brands struggled to stay afloat and had to pack up for instance. But even at that, there are so many brands out there.

The numbers are going to increase when the dust settles as predicted by industry analysts. For more information about this, you can visit:

The thing is that some brands do not offer products that meet the required standard in terms of quality. This is why this article has discussed how to choose from the several tincture products available and we advise that you make good use of this information from now on.

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