Everything You Need To Know To Succeed In The BIW Design Course

Body-in-White design, often known as BIW design, is a sub-division of automotive engineering that focuses on the exterior of a vehicle. The term “Body-in-White” (BIW) refers to the stage in the production of automobiles when the vehicle’s body has been assembled but has not yet been painted or outfitted with the completed interior components. Due … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Sending Items To Foreign Countries

International shipping services are a convenient way to send items overseas. However, you might not know what the best option is for you. This comprehensive guide will help you decide which international shipping service is the best fit for your needs. What is a Foreign Country? Foreign countries are countries outside of the country where … Read more

Portable Network Graphics

Portable network graphics is a format for graphics and digital photography that supports compression without loss of data. It is an improved form of GIF format as it was challenging to access GIF format due to copyright issues. PNG is a non-patented format; that is why it is easy to access and use. PNG is … Read more