Review: The best Forex trading platform?

Forex trading is getting insane popularity all across the world mainly since top entrepreneurs are talking about it on social media. Well, the forex trading platforms are also making their moves smartly by running compelling ad campaigns conveying the chances of higher returns than any other trading.

There is no doubt about the fact that the Forex market has a great potential to provide overwhelming returns, but earning profit from trading is not as easy as it is framed in ads. 

Right from choosing the right platform to understanding the forex market deeply to using all the essential tools and resources of the platform, the Forex market demands a lot of consistent profits. Besides a profit, one may get equally exposed to the risk of losing money if even a single essential factor is missed.

This blog will shed light on one of the advanced forex trading platforms i.e. that favors the traders of all levels of experience in the best way possible and you can visit review site to read a review of from tradefx. By using this forex trading platform, you can have access to all those resources complemented by a demo account to test your strategy in different scenarios. So, let’s dig deeper into the features of

About or MarketX App is one of the most reliable online forex trading apps that runs on the legal norms set by top-tier European Authorities. It is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, financial sector conduct authority of South Africa, financial conduct authority FCA of UK, and many other renowned authorities, making it the safest option for forex trading.

With such an incredible background, no wonder that MarketX has got insane popularity all across the globe since the first launch itself. Now thousands of forex traders, including beginners, intermediate and advanced traders are using to ensure a reliable means of trading in this confusing world of the Internet.


Well, MarketX is also feature-rich with all the favorable forecasting tools for traders of all experience levels. Some of the most compelling features of the MarketX app that makes it preferable include

  1. Clear charts

A trading platform is rated considering the quality of the charts displayed in it as the topmost factor. MarketX app provides a simple, clear, and brief chart supporting all essential indicators and tools with many customizable options to change color and aspect ratios. So, you won’t need a separate source to analyze the ongoing trend anymore.

  1. Simple and Flawless UI

MarketX provides a clean and handy UI to ensure a good user experience in every single task involved in Forex trading. Even a novice can explore the whole app within minutes and find any tool on the go.

  1. Above 50 Indicator tools

No matter what trading strategy you choose to execute based on the present price trend, indicators play a major role. Well, contains more than 50 trading indicators to favor any strategy you prefer.

  1. Virtual training 

Along with a neat UI and all essential resources, the MarketX app provides great educational content to make the newbies familiar with the Forex market. You can find all the information concerning Forex trading in this app.

  1. Numerous currency pairs

Choosing the right currency pair is crucial if you intend to earn high returns from your forex trade. So, one should never compromise on the availability of enough options while choosing a forex trading platform. Well, as MarketX contains all the commonly preferred currency pairs, you won’t need to search elsewhere.

What makes stand out from the competition?

Here are some pros or perks of preferring as your forex trading platform that most premium options lack:

  • is a 100% free forex trading platform with zero rollover fee, margin interest, or deposit fees. All the compelling features, zero compromise on the availability of tools and resources and great UI indeed make it a preferable option out there.
  • A free demo account is available for mobile users with pre-loaded $10,000 as virtual currency. Thus, beginners can get real-life trading experience and also test their strategies in different price trends.
  • From virtual to textual, all kinds of educational information are delivered in this platform to protect the newbies from the risks of forex trading.

If you are looking for an all-rounder forex trading platform that can provide everything right away in the same space, is the best option to go with. 

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